Bucket List

Travel, something that I think most people aspire to do within their life. Being brought up in a family that traveled a lot within Australia I have always wanted to explore and experience new things. I have quite an extensive list of where I want to see, or even live before I die. My bucket list. I hope that I will be able to visit all of these places (though I know that it may not be possible) but I will still try non the less. So here it is:

Norway: I want to visit both Oslo and Trondheim as I have friends living there currently. I also want to be able to travel around the country and visit the beautiful scenery there including Preikestolen, which I will link a page to show you what it looks like…basically just a massive cliff but the views look beautiful!

Japan: There is so much culture in this small island and I just really want to see all of it. From the bustling capital Tokyo to many of the smaller towns like Toga. Again I have a few friends who live here and also a few friends who really love the country.

Ireland: As I have quite a strong Irish heritage, I would really love to go over and embrace everything that it has to offer. I would especially love to go over when it snows (as I have NEVER seen snow). Our ancestors also had a castle in Ireland which we can now get tours through that I would love to see…just knowing that a hundred or so years ago my ancestors used to live in the same place that I will be standing in would just be extraordinary.

England/Scotland: Not only having family that live in England I also want to travel here to see all of its history. To visit Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall. After briefly studying the medieval period of Britain through High School it has really made me so curious into learning more about the time and how/why these things happened. I have always wanted to visit, but now I am much more enthused and would even consider living over in this area for however long I could, whether that is 6 months or a couple of years. I think it would be an amazing experience to just embrace another culture though it is similar to where I already live in Australia.

America: I want to travel here for very different reasons I think that any other place on my list. I don’t want to necessarily go over to see the scenery but more so the cities and to experience the different American cultures. Travel from the higher class West Side’s New York. To go to a Broadway Show and to experience Time Square at night. To even be there for New Year’s and to watch the ball drop. To then experience life in Texas, to travel through Austin and Houston. And then all the way over on the East Coast in Los Angles and San Francisco, to go on the Golden Gate Bridge. To see a proper Baseball game would be amazing as it is my favourite sport, and unfortunately not very big over here in Australia. I then just want to make lots of stops throughout the country in the different states. Go to Philadelphia and Washington DC, visit the Smithsonian and physically see the White House (from a distance…or maybe even get a tour). There is just so much that I would like to see and do, and will probably need to go over a couple of times so that I will be able to see and do all of these things.

Canada: I am really just drawn to Canada. I don’t really have any specific reasons to visit other than to just embrace their culture and to experience new things. I would be more interested into visiting national parks, seeing animals that we don’t have here in Australia in the wild. To see the Northern Lights would be spectacular to see though, it is definitely something I would love to see before I die. I have spoken to many people who have moved over to Australia from Canada and they have all said wonderful things about how beautiful the country is. I would, if I could, live over in Canada. As I wish to study Science majoring in Zoology, Canada has a brilliant program for zoology in many universities across the country.

Peru: The main thing that I would love to see in Peru would have to be Machu Picchu. Just to be able to experience Ancient South American History first hand would be an unbelievable feeling. Also because you have to trek through the mountains to reach Machu Picchu itself, it would be much more rewarding than just flying to a city and seeing something that way.

Brazil: I would really love to go to Rio, and would have been able to go earlier this year if I had enough money to go. To be able to see Christ the Redeemer would be an incredible experience and I really hope I will be able to travel here one day as I don’t want to regret not being able to go this year. The culture in Brazil is also a lot more vibrant I believe, more festival-y and I would love to be submerged into all of this. I think that everyone should be able to experience it at least once.

New Zealand: A place very close to home and will probably be one of the first places that I travel to, purely for financial reasons. I don’t actually know too much about New Zealand though I would like to know more. Experience the Maori culture and to go and visit all of the natural wonders including the hot springs. I would also like to go and get some ski lessons up in the mountains and maybe even a helicopter ride around them. Would be a great experience (as everything seems to be in my eyes) and I would be able to see some amazing and beautiful things the entire time I am over there.

These are just a few of the different places that I want to visit and I am sure that this list will grow and grow as I grow older and experience new things. Be exposed to new things. Honestly, I really can’t wait and hope that my bucket list grows considerably.



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