Cookie Clicker

Now I don’t know how many of you know about this spectacular game, and if you haven’t then I am here to tell you all about…as well as vent out my frustrations.

I discovered this game a little over a month ago and it is strangely addictive, when all you do is click on cookies. Yep, that’s right, you click. On. Cookies. How can this be addictive you ask, I am yet to figure this out. There is more to the game than first meets the eye and with it being a very new game there is always new updates being released making the game more interesting and difficult. This is both a positive and a negative I think for the game…

You see it lures me into this false sense of achievement, by allowing me to get so close to having 100% in both purchased upgrades and earned achievements. It seems every time I get close a new update occurs and more upgrades, buildings and achievements are available. This has happened just recently right after I reset the game to get a few achievements and to also gain heavenly chips. You see, you can reset your game however you keep all of your achievements. This means that you have lost all of your buildings as well as all of the upgrades. So because I have started from scratch I have to work my way back up to at least 100 buildings of each. The frustrating thing is that I know that if I didn’t restart, if I had only just waited for the latest update to be released then I would have been able to get this one final achievement much easier.

Be warned all those who read this and think that I am being a little over dramatic about the whole thing…the cookies are addictive and you will find that you can not stop. If by some chance you can, please let me know how because I have wasted so many hours on this game that I will never be able to get back…in fact I am playing it as I speak right now. If you want to try it out I will place a link below, play at your own risk.


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