That One Person…

You know the one. You meet them for the first time and that’s it, you have some form of connection and you just know from that point on that you guys will be together for a really long time. You don’t know what it is about them but something just gets to you. There is an instant spark from the moment you link eyes with each other.

I never used to believe in this sort of stuff. You know the whole love at first sight, and I still wouldn’t call this that but it is surely the next closest thing. You never imagine that you could find such a person at such a young age…though it seems I have found just that. I can remember the day as if it was yesterday (cliché I know). It probably isn’t that interesting of a story but I am going to tell you about it anyway, so here it goes:

Day 1: First I should tell you when this was, my first day at a new school. I was coming into the school at the end of grade 11 and didn’t know anyone (and to make matters worse it was a very studious private school…and lonely me came from a very relaxed public school). I didn’t know anyone expect for a friend I had made the year before at a camp but still felt quite awkward hanging around him (him being with his girlfriend of the time kind of making me a somewhat third wheel every lunch break, not exactly fun if you ask me). The day went for what seemed double the length it should have. I figured that I should just stick to keeping my head down and doing my work, I wasn’t too keen on drawing attention to myself… I mean I was already the ‘new girl’, I didn’t want to then become the ‘new girl no one wanted to associate themselves with’.

Day 2: The day carried on like the one before, slow and awkward. I still hadn’t really made friends and it was getting me down a bit. I was used to making friends easily, but for some reason I just felt out of my comforts here. The final bell rang and unfortunately for me I had a lot of math work to get done and so I headed off to the library by myself and was prepared to sit in silence for the next 40 minutes until I got picked up. Little did I know that this would be the day that I would meet him. The one who over the next few years I would grow closer and closer towards. It was now that I started to feel comfortable as the table I was sitting at slowly began to fill up with people from my grade who actually wanted to talk to me. Though I did not get much of my math work done that afternoon, I feel like I gained something more important, something so significant that I felt something hit me in the chest, a warm feeling, and it was the happiest feeling that I can remember.

He seemed really shy, but I felt that we were going to become close, and that was kind of my goal. I wanted to know more about him, what he was into and all of that jazz. I found out some pretty amazing things, like how smart he was (I mean is, because he is still incredibly smart, like Oh. My. Gosh.) the sports he was into, music that he liked and just how amazing his personality was. He is one of the most genuine people that I know, and was never afraid to just come out and say what was on his mind. I felt safe to be with him, and I could tell him everything…and I do mean everything. He would see me at my highs and even see me at my lows, and for some strange reason, I don’t know why, he still stuck around and I am glad to have called him my best friend.

The only problem with becoming such amazing friends with someone like this is, is that when one of you have to leave it damn nearly tears you in half. That would have to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, to say goodbye. What is worse is that this goodbye was suppose to be basically forever. I mean I would always come back and visit but I never planned on moving back to the same town, which meant our friendship could be harmed in this process and I think we both knew this which is what made goodbye so difficult.

It has been months since I have moved now and to my extreme happiness we have stayed close friends, and what is even better is that we have gotten closer then I ever thought we would. It makes me so happy, and I mean I am over run with joy to be able to wake up every morning with a message from him to say good morning and to be able to talk for hours on end each night, never running out of things to say. He is my best friend, and he is that one person that I want to have memories with for years to come. Even if things don’t work out, to know that he will still always be there for me, until the bitter end. That one person you can count on, and I have found him and I am ever so grateful for it. ❤


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