Writers Block

I have been sitting in front of the computer just looking at the screen going “Come on Sarah, there must be something to write about. Just start writing and it will be fine.” Then I proceed to write two sentences and don’t like it so I scrap it and then I am back to where I started from. Writers block and I am only really one week in. Wow. That must be some form of a record right? Has this happened before to other people, that they can only really think of one thing to talk about and then lose the passion or inspiration to commit to one topic enough to write an entire post about it.

You see, this is all very new to me. I have always wanted to write, to start my own blog (and hey look, here I am. On my own blog. Writing!) or even to just write a story. I think that I have a brilliant idea but when it comes to actually sitting down and writing I get stuck and don’t think I am able to get my thoughts across in a way that actually makes sense to people other than myself, because of course I am going to know what I am talking about but what is the point if everyone else just looks at it with a puzzled expression, tilting their heads to the side and scratches it think ‘What did I just read exactly?’.

(I surely hope that this isn’t actually happening now because I am just typing out my train of thought and I may have already drifted from my original topic…oh well. That’s what keeps it kind of interesting right? At least that’s what I like to think.)

I think my problem is that I don’t get out enough. I am not exposing myself to all of the experiences that I could be experiencing and that because of this I get stuck in a very regular routine. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy what I do everyday because I quite enjoy it, though I think I could write better if I did new things. 

What ‘new’ things should I do though? This is the main question and it is quite difficult to answer. I am already quite busy with work and so it is always difficult for me to fit things in around that, especially since I have to catch public transport everywhere (which takes up a good portion of my time as many people will understand that live in a large city and can’t drive). If anyone has any suggestions as to what I could do to try and get my creative juices flowing it would be greatly appreciated as I would really love to be able to write every week. And I guess this is one way to start the cure of writers block…to write ABOUT writers block, though I can only do it the once…darn.


2 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. When something bad, good, sad or funny happens to you, write it down immediately. Keep a note book with you at all times and jot down these little things that occur…. when you go back through them at the end of the week when you are ready to post to your blog, expand on what happened and turn it into a real life ‘short story’. 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will do. I guess I always forget the little things that happen because you just keep going with whatever task you are doing at that moment. I really like the idea of keeping a notebook with me and I think I will do this from now on! Thanks again (:

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