Have you ever wondered how we perceive time? How some days go quicker than others, even though they go for the same length. You look back and think where did the week go? I think we have all been there and I have been there all year. So many things have happened and I don’t understand how we are already  months from Christmas (well just less than now). I only just realised that I should have posted something yesterday but it will now be late tonight as I have left it once again to the last minute.

But what makes the time we spend in a day go fast or slow? What has made a week feel like one day? Is it because we are always busy, constantly on the move going from one exciting project to the next or because we anticipate something in the future and just can’t wait for it to happen? I feel as if it is a combination of the two, though sometimes the anticipation can cause time to go slowly because you just want it to happen so bad. 

I find I have to write everything down in a calender, a physical calender that I see every morning otherwise I lose track of what I am doing, what needs to be done and most importantly what day it is. If I don’t write in it I end up forgetting when I do things, or if I get sick or have certain appointments. I feel like these things should be easy to remember because they affect your everyday life but I always find myself thinking “so last week…no maybe it was the week before. Or was it? It had to of been, well actually I did this after that happened and that was about a week and a half ago so that means…lets just say a couple of weeks ago…” and this seems to be happening more and more. It feels as though the time between the event and my current time is void. It didn’t exist. That can be the only explanation.

I watched a short video recently on a few mind blowing ideas which are based from theories such as string theory as well as theories comprised from scientists around the world. These theories make your mind cringe because it seems so out there and impossible, but at the same time you think ‘what if this was actually true?’. I mention this video because it is all about our existence and what if it is not what we think it is. I want to just comment on the second theory as it has been stuck in my head since I first watched this video a couple of months ago.

This theory was comprised by a physicist named Julian Barbour and basically states this: That the flow of time is an illusion. That the brain creates this flow to stop everything from happening at once. Past and future don’t exist, that it is just the present and that major events that define history are all happening at once.

This comes to mind on this topic because it seems that the time has been lost somewhere, I don’t know where it has gone and how it seems to already be a week since I last posted something. If this theory was true then I haven’t lost any time because it has all just happened at the one time and that it is just my mind creating this time span from one moment to the next, trying to create some sort of sense to be able to comprehend. Even as I sit here typing this down, time has flown by and I don’t understand where it has gone. It doesn’t feel like I have been writing for that long but according to my clock it has been a good 40 minutes.

The concept of time is always something that has gotten me thinking, and I think that it always will. I don’t think that I will ever be able to explain why it seems one day goes faster then the other because by the end of the year it feels like it only goes for a week or so and that each year feels faster than the last, even though every year is just as long as the last. I know what you are all thinking, that every four years the year is one day longer, and I know this, but technically (and I am getting really technical right now) it takes the Earth 365 days and a 1/4 to revolve around the Sun and we just round it to an extra day every four years. 

I will put a link to the video I referred to earlier for anyone who wants to check it out. It only goes for 2:10 and has no speaking, just images and writing on the screen with some music playing but is interesting to think about the three ideas given. Just be warned that some of the images are a bit gross as there is a fake foam brain that like melts, but put that aside and it is pretty good. Hopefully I won’t leave this until the last minute again next week and I will have something new and exciting to talk about. Bye..



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