Global Warming??

We all know that it exists and is only getting worse as each year passes. As a society in a whole we produce too much carbon which is then released into the atmosphere which then traps the heat from the sun in our atmosphere. It basically creates this barrier that heat can pass through but when it goes to leave it is sent back down to Earth. As this happens temperatures rise and natural disasters begin to occur more and more. Things like bush fires due to drier land and cyclones/typhoons/hurricanes due to warmer water. Not only these things occurring more often but can occur earlier and longer then previously.

This has been proven by many scientists and can be found in many different articles. One graph from an article shows the temperature from Earth showing the constant change between Ice Ages and warmer periods in which we live in today. This graph shows that the Earth has a natural cycle between hot and cold, both going to extremes, however because of the effect we are having on the plant this process is speeding up. The cycle will take the same amount of time though the planet is warming at a much higher rate. This can cause the planet to experience very extreme conditions before it begins to cool again, and it is not guaranteed that it will cool back down to where it had many times before. There is a very high chance, that because of global warming that the temperature will only drop the same amount as it has in the past, therefore making the next upcoming ice age to be warmer than before. This can then throw the balance of the Earth’s temperature off, making each cycle warmer and warmer. This graph shows only the past 150 years, though you can clearly see the rise in temperatures and how dramatically they have begun to rise in the last 50 years or so.


The CO2 levels have also been recorded from Antartica and graphed to show how the levels have changed over the past 400,000 years. This graph is only relevant up to the year 2000 however it shows the trend that it is raising to higher CO2 levels at a faster rate. Before this the levels were changing at a very constant and consistent level, rising and falling between 200 and 300 ppmv. Though in the matter the last few decades it seems, it has risen to 370 ppmv. This is why we have to do something about global warming, or else these things are going to continue to occur.


What makes these matters worse is that Australia’s own Environmental Minister, Mr Greg Hunt, believes that these facts have nothing to do with the recent bush fires that are engulfing through New South Wales. He publicly states that he referenced wikipedia as his main source of information stating that bush fires were common in Australia within the warmer months and that it has no link to Global Warming. He goes on to state that “Bush fires happen in hot weather”. The chief executive of The Climate Institute, John Connor, spoke shortly after Mr Hunt gave his interview and stated the following:

“But what we also do know is the data is clear, the forest fire danger index has been increasing… and particularly in spring and autumn, which means that the fire weather season has been extending.And all of the projections for climate change and for global warming, is that they will increase and increase exponentially.”

You can read the whole article at the link below, it is really eye opening to realise how the people we have working in our government think about this issue and how our country is represented. It seems like after reading this, that a few members of the coalition party are oblivious to what has been occurring around the world for the past decade, and that it could be an easy fix if they consulted some scientists and started to understand climate change. I hope that things will change in regards to climate change because if we don’t then we are only going to be killing off our planet little by little. We have to think about future generations and how they are going to live. If we don’t change now then it will soon be too late to make the difference count.


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