Why do we let the media control us?

What happened to the good old days where we could wear whatever we liked and not be judged for it. Why is it that once we all hit a certain age it seems that media within society takes control of this. That we all of a sudden feel like we must conform to be able to be accepted. That our natural self is no longer acceptable and that we must change how we act and what we wear. This is something that, as being a young female in this crazy world, I have had to deal with for the majority of my life.

I have always been quite thin and tall for my age, but that is through no control of my own. I swear, if I didn’t have the metabolism that I have I would be the size of a house from the amount of food I eat. I just can’t help it. Though people who I meet don’t know this and even from a young age I have been told that I was anorexic by certain people and even told that I was underweight due to certain BMI testings though I would never consider myself to be underweight. I did a lot of physical activity and then combine that with a super fast metabolism thanks to my family and you have me. And unfortunately I fit the description of what the media portrays to be ‘ideal’ for females around my age. I’m not trying to sound up myself or anything because that isn’t the type of person that I am, but every time I go out somewhere nice I get told that someone ‘hates’ me (always through a jokingly way they tell me) as well as every time I am at the beach or just swimming at the pool.

I hate that the social media has put in everyone’s mind that their is only one type of beautiful and that you can’t possibly be beautiful unless you match this description. What would be the point if everyone looked exactly the same? It is complete and utter nonsense if you ask me. This image that gets thrown around so much is literally ruining so many peoples lives. They go through diets and fads, do ridiculous amounts of exercise and some even go through cosmetic surgery so that they can ‘feel’ beautiful. Half of the time you see before and after pictures and they looked much better before they did all of this ridiculous things to their body. YES you should eat healthy. YES you should exercise. But NO you should not just have smoothies and shakes as supplements to real food to lose weight. If you eat, drink and live healthy then you will be healthy and that is possibly the most beautiful anyone could ever be. We shouldn’t be some big competition with random strangers to be the best looking, because everyone is different and they are all beautiful in their own way.

No one is perfect in this world. And if you think someone is, think again. Everyone you see in magazines and on television. All of the actors and models, that isn’t what they are really like. That is after make up has covered up all of their impurities and sometimes even photo shop is used to make sure that they are ‘perfect’. The media’s idea of ‘perfect’.

I was reading a blog earlier today by a man named Matt Walsh who wrote a letter to his daughter, who is a baby now but who he wishes doesn’t get corrupted by all of this illusion of being ‘beautiful’ in the eyes of the media.

But that’s the price of living in a culture of consumerism, where we spend every waking minute surrounded by advertisements and product placement. Everyone’s got something to sell, and very few of them are selling anything you need. So, to compensate, the peddlers pull out their shotguns and blow giant holes in your psyche. Then they convince you that they’ve got the perfect thing to plug the gaps. They try to create a void in your conscience, so they can start pouring their poison into it. As far as this strategy goes, constructing an unachievable, inhuman, digitized idea of beauty is the ultimate scam. And it’s paid dividends.

This is just small section of his post but he goes on to talk about how as a female you don’t have to give into all of the superficial ideas on how to look. I seriously recommend reading the entire post and so I will put a link to it at the bottom.

I really hope that society does change. That people can be comfortable in the way that they look without feeling like every second person is judging them for their hair, clothes and body shape. Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t beautiful because you are more beautiful than those telling you you’re not. If you aren’t a beautiful person on the inside it is going to shine through to the outside and people will see their true colours, however if you are an honest and beautiful person on the inside you become instantly more beautiful regardless of anything the media is trying to say. Keep being the beautiful person you are and be happy for being you, not for being the person sitting next to you!



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