Catch Up…Again

Back again…I know it has been a while, but believe it or not university is really busy. Crazy right, I know. Well things are starting to ease up a it so I have finally found time to write again, so yay!

Where to start, so much has happened over the past few months and don’t want to rattle on so lets kind of take it where we left off…

So I started uni by doing a prep chemistry class for 4 weeks before semester started which I passed with 73% on the final which was amazing, because well, its chemistry! Since then I have been studying full time which is four subjects. This means I am at uni 5 days a week, some of them for 8/9 hours at a time, and that is without extra study on top of that. Now I might get some sympathy from you all, no…well alright. The semester is almost over and then I have two choices, to go back next semester or to not. Tough question to decide upon, especially when it is all about your career, but that is a discussion for another post on another day.

During the semester I have traveled back down to Brisbane, not once but twice. The first was for my older sister’s hens night party. This was so much fun and I definitely experienced a lot of new things that night, from seeing a male stripper, playing silly games at the house to being hit on in the weirdest ways while out in the city. It was such an amazing night and I can;t believe how quick the night went, we definitely needed more than an hour for karaoke and laser tag. The second time was, yes you guessed it, for her actual wedding. This was only last weekend passed and it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. 

First off, we got to spend the night before the wedding in the pent house in the city. Our room was on the top floor of the highest building in the Brisbane City. The view was spectacular and breath taking. It was definitely an amazing vibe the morning getting ready even though it was 6am. I got to help dress my sister as I was the only one showed how to tie up the dress properly. I also got to see all of y family from around the country and party all night with them all. The next morning we also all got together to have lunch at a Yum Cha restaurant in the city. This was wonderful but had to be cut short unfortunately as I had a plane to catch home.

And now here I am, back home and finally posting something to share with you all (how little or large a community that may be). I hope that update was sufficient enough for my first post in 3 months, but I do promise to keep up on my posting from here on in, so I will speak to you all in the near future, I’ll keep you posted (get it hehe)!